Cutting Styles

The cut is a stones most important characteristic. It has the greatest overall influence on a diamond’s beauty. It determines what we think of as sparkle. At Juwelina Paris, we pride ourselves in superior cutting techniques


The Round Brilliant is one of the simplest expressions of a cutter’s wheel. The term Hearts and Arrows is used to describe the visual effect achieved in a round Burmaline with perfect symmetry and angles. The Hearts and Arrows effect is exhibited in all of our round white Burmaline.


Princess cut is full of fiery scintillation, bursting with reflected light.


Bearing many of the facets of a round except the proportion is elongated along the tip. One of the keys to cutting a good Pear shape is reducing the bow-tie effect that appears in the lower mid section of the stone.


Oval is a stone that is more often seen as the exclusive domain of the affluent, since they look a little different from the ubiquitous Rounds.


Previously the domain of royalty, this stone has a unique shape.The crown is modified in the Marquise to form what is called a French Tip, where the bezel facet at the point of the stone is eliminated. This allows a more even spread of scintillation along the length of the stone.


The Emerald cut is classified as a step cut; with larger facets which act like mirrors. The Emerald cut has fewer facets than most cuts. Emerald cut stone reveals a classic beauty and elegance not seen in other cuts.


The Heart has a small slice removed from the top section, revealing a sparkling symbol of love. Our attention to detail ensures that the removed section is also polished for maximum brilliance.